Monday, February 04, 2008

Keep on keeping on... life drawing

I'm so lucky. A group of drawing buddies get together to do some figure drawing. We share the model fee, our fearless leader books all the best models. How great is it that they are willing to bare all for artists practicing their craft/art or whatever you want to call it? Practice is the best word for me, I don't have many expectations. It's the experience of looking and putting marks on paper. Stop thinking about keyboard shortcuts and undos and start making my own hand create a mark that is unique and expresses the live form that is before me. Feel the gesture, follow the contour, see the shadow shapes, angles and relationships of shape to shape. Line, wash, smears, scrubs, thick, thin, heavy, light, fast, slow... OMG so many possibilities, don't think too much just practice and try something different on the next one. It is exhilarating. Stack the papers up, don't judge too carefully, just remember the experience. Definitely show up in two weeks to do it again. Keep it up, fill the recycle barrel over and over.

In March our fearless leader will be holding a workshop "Mixed Media Figure Drawing" here in Seattle, I can't wait.

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